Understanding the basic concepts behind Reinforcement Learning using value-based methods


Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a Machine Learning field which gained much attention since 2015 after Google’s Deep Mind team demonstrated self-taught DQN agents learning to walk, mastering Atari games and beating pro-human players in the game Go.

Watch DeepMind walking agents
DeepMind learning to play Breakout

RL is the science…

A static variable is a variable that doesn’t belong to an instance of that class, but to the class itself.

Equivalently a static method belongs to the class, rather than an object instance.

Let’s take the example of a very simple class:

public class Person(){
private static int population…

An Activity making a direct Intent call using AsyncTask’s onPostExecute(…) while the AsyncTask is at a separate file…

This article is describing a common pattern widely used in Android Development.

There are more cases where this technique applies, for example creating a clickListener for items in a recycler view, where we need to somehow forward click information from the Adapter class to the Activity class… so… keep reading!

The Problem

Ioannis Anifantakis

MSc Computer Science. — Software engineer and programming instructor. Actively involved in Android Development and Deep Learning.

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